Part of CUAHSI Hydrologic Information System Project

Hydrologic information has been collected for many years by various organizations, each with its own methodology for publishing and retrieving information. The variety of protocols required to access and retrieve the data is confusing and time consuming. In addition, there is no central repository where researchers can access information. To solve this problem the Consortium of Universities for the Advancement of Hydrologic Science (CUAHSI) implemented the Hydrologic Information System (HIS) to develop a common standard for storage and retrieval that enhances the accessibility and analysis of hydrologic data. Local HIS servers can be operated by independent organizations, including universities and federal agencies such as the USGS and EPA, that desire to publish hydrologic data. By connecting to these servers any user will be able to search for, identify, retrieve, and analyze hydrologic information over the internet with a standard method. HydroDesktop is the primary software tool used for data retrieval and analysis in the CUAHSI-HIS project. The software provides a standard scheme to retrieve hydrological information from a variety of web sources. Students in the Deer Creek Reservoir research (DCRR) team at Brigham Young University (BYU) have implemented a web-served HIS database and have created tools that assist in uploading data into the local HIS server. For future references the DCRR created a summary of the procedures required to retrieve data from the database and instructions on how to upload information into the BYU-HIS database.

Simplified Instructions on Loading and Retrieving Data from the BYU-HIS Database
  1. How to Load Data into the BYU-HIS Database
  2. How to Retrieve Data from the BYU-HIS Database

Other Useful References

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